4th woman emerges claiming Yoochun also raped her in the washroom

A report from World Daily, a Korean news portal revealed that the Gangnam police department received not one but two reports of alleged rape from JYJ Yoochun
The victim who the report identified only as A is also a worker at a adult entertainment establishment and claimed to have been raped in the washroom of such a facility.

The report also revealed that the 2nd woman who filed charges against Yoochun stated, “Yoochun locked me in the washroom before attempting to rape me so please punish him for locking me up as well.”

The police stated that they are looking into this matter and stated that it may be possible that he may be charged for locking her up as well.

However if it is revealed that these women were paid for these sexual services, the women are going to become guilty of prostitution and it will be impossible for them to avoid punishment as well.

The police also revealed that the 2nd woman in question reported Yoochun last December right after the incident. The police stated, “When we investigated the matter last time we found no sign of ‘forced’ sexual activities and we were worried about the fact that investigating the matter could lead to another crime so we did not investigate further.”

Source: Segye Daily

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