Netizens discuss idols who can’t be criticized for their talent

Netizens criticize idols for many different reasons, such as looks, personality, and media play. 

However, perhaps the most hurtful criticism and idol can receive is about their talents on stage. Although many idols who receive ridicule about their singing receive defense from fans, netizens pointed out that their are some idols who are so talented on stage that they can never be the subject of criticism for their singing. Names that were frequently brought up were MAMAMOO, SPICA, and BTOB.

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Netizens Comments
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[+ 309, – 49] I would say MAMAMOO, BtoB, Spica. The only thing is compared to the vocals Moonbyul’s rap is  slightly lacking I feel like. BEAST and SHINee are all great and INFINITE are great at live as well

[+ 296, – 49] I think SHINee, BEAST, INFINITE are the best when it comes to MR removed

[+ 186, – 32] BigBang, JYJ, BtoB, B1A4, Winner and SHINee

[+ 48, – 61] Honestly  besides MAMAMOO and BtoB every group has 1 talentless person at least

Source: Pann

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