Idols That Are Notorious For Destroying Everything They Touch

Ever had that one favourite celebrity who seems to be clumsy at everything? These idol group members known for their clumsiness, which is also known as, “minus hands.” Fans even jokingly say they make their stylists’ jobs extremely hard by destroying sponsored clothes extremely often.

A post on Daum Cafe gained attention for listing down the top five idols known for their “minus hands,” otherwise explained as constant clumsiness during their broadcasts or performances.

On top of the list was Super Junior’s Donghae who was seen playing with their light sticks at their concert, but eventually breaking two. He is also allegedly known to have broken a fellow member’s computer and is often captured by fans in failing to drinking water from a bottle.

Second on the list is SHINee’s Taemin who is known for his “magic hands” and forgetfulness. In the photo featured in the post, he was seen lightly tapping the table before it slid down on him and the rest of the members. Is it more of clumsiness or sheer misfortune?

BTS’ RapMonster is also not new to this occurrence having been called as “Destroyer Monster” by his fans.

Leading the list amongst female girl group members, however, is Apink’s Naeun who is popular for her famous right hand. This means that her fellow members tend to avoid danger if they pass her on her right. The photo included in this post proves it.

Last but not least is TWICE’s Sana, known of her nickname “Sadotteol,” as she tends to drop things quite often.

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Have you found any similar incidences to your favourite idol?

Source: Daum Cafe

Idols That Are Notorious For Destroying Everything They Touch